random unimportant so unimportant things

I wrote 10 random things about me. Hahahaha

1. I'm a brand-minded person. I drink Starbucks, not Coffee Bean. My jeans are Zara. And so on. Hahaha LOL.

2. It's hard to choose between Blogger and Blogspot. I use them both. I use Blogger for...blogging. I use Tumblr to post, err...to reblog pictures I like. Yeah things like that.

3. I'm still working on my fckin grammar. I take English class, yes. I watch a lot of movies and TV shows, yes. I read a loooot of English books, yes. And my grammar still sucks.

4. One of the reasons I never go to any kind of concert is because I don't really like all of the songs from a band. Hm, it's sort of hard to explain. Ok, for example, I like Cobra Starship. They are going to Indonesia on March 23rd. I want to watch it. But...I only know 7 songs from Cobra. I can't sing along with them. Yeah, I hope you get the point hahahaha

5. My favourite applications for iPhone and iTouch is Doodle Jump, Tumblrette, Tweetie, any kind of TapTap and Paper Toss. Yes, from thousands of applications and funny games from Apple, I choose..Tweetie. So boring right haha

6. I don't read Harry Potter. I watch Harry Potter. And another weird thing is, I watched Twilight after reading Twilight, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. And when I watched New Moon, I haven't even started reading any of the series!

7. I want ka Atan's dribble, ka Uga's rebound, Onel's under ring and brain, Abi's lay up, hahahaha

8. I was the biggest fan of Sherina and Westlife when I was 4-5 years old.

9. 3 subjects I really put some interest are Biology, History, and PkN.

10. When I play basketball, I prefer having Onel than Kia in the team. Tiara than Chandrika. Natha than Chandrika. Evel than Astrid (with exception; if Astrid play as good as she did today, I will probably choose her) . Chacha than Shanon. Okay, this is going to be a long post. Hahahaha