this thing seems familiar ? yeah it's 3x3 rubiks cube. i knew it since i was like maybe kindergarten or preschool but i dont really like it because it looks like it has no ends HAHAH lebay yeah but my friend echa started to play this thing in the 8th grade and the rubiks virus spread around the class haha well not onel or samuel kind of guy would play thing like this but kia kind of guy would. and uh pak budi let me sit with dian. she is like a proooo so i asked her to teach me how to make rubiks cube one-side. then she taught me and i did okay with the one-sided now. she played 3x3 cube like for, 1 minute. lebaylebay but it's truetrue she was playing in front of the class today with echa and miss ima the conversation teacher watched in amazement hahah i made my first six-sided rubiks cube for............er................40 minutes maybe more hehehh of course with dian's guide. the longer i play, the longer i could solve it.

hm hm so i borrowed dian's rubiks. tapi yang palsu then i brought it to ilp and i played it with my friend he is from 19 jhs name rafid smart dude dia sbi -sekolah berstandar internasional- di 19 okok lanjut so he talked and i will do the rubiks haha and in the break, he played and he ruined the cube jadi dia benerin lagi deh hahah

terus gantian gua. in the end of ilp i dropped the cube and the pieces were falling apart so i picked it. because i didnt bring a bag with me to ilp so i held it in my hand and when i left the room, it fell again from my hand -shitzy- and 2 pieces fell from 3rd floor to 1st floor. hm so i ran down and took it and ran back upstairs. i put the pieces inside my jeans pocket and rafid took the piece i took downstairs and he dropped it and he said 'ga penting' i said 'gimana sih lo jangan dijatohin dong ntar kalo itu penting gimana?' he said 'ngga. tenang aja.'

back home, i put the pieces back together. the red pieces kept falling apart. then i noticed something missing. the green-orange piece. oh shit. then i text rafid 'eh itu yang tadi beneran apaan?soalnya ini gabisa disatuin nih ah gmn dong' he said 'beneran td yg ijo kecil itu ga penting beneran dah' yeah so in the end i couldnt fix the cube so i had to buy new cube for dian. untung bukan yang asli nanti gua dead dimarahin. yang palsu aja udh 60rb -,- mahal ye.