8-2 2010

this is my class, the newer one. and i love em so much.
well,i've probably known them for like 5 yrs or more, but we've never been that close until they put us together. yea i want to tell you about those ppl

dinda pramesti
no need to ask. known her since 1st grade on primary school, she's the first girl i know. the first boy i knew from primary school would probably be patrick. hihi
kia krizia
not his real name. i've known him since 1th grade too. he's always been in the same class as dinda. for the rest of their school years, from 1st grade till 8th grade. he's very funny.
adella sastra
dont write her first name here. i like to sing taylor swift's song "you belong with me". she is sitting with kia currently.
bagaskara sitanggang
tomi called him bagaskara singangkang, because i have a photo of him ngangkang. hahah he really likes michael jackson hahah he could do mj's dance moves, well not like mj but it really had me laughing till my tummy hurts
ruth amelia
again, no need to ask. kia said she can't tie her dasi. she said kia can't tie his shoes when he's on 7th grade. on and on. she is probably the funniest girl God ever invented. ok, lebay.
tiara margaretha
she is the jeger-est girl. known her since 7th grade.
julius alexander nathaniel sitompul
reason i write his full name is because i like his name. a lot. he is very clumsy and really likes to smile
lahabra putra
he is the craziest one. no doubt about that.

hahah i think that's itt heheheh

MK !