exams, appetite and fail recipes

so today is h-3 ulangan umum and #efekulum is back on. I NEED TO EAT SOMETHING ONCE EVERY 30 MINUTES OR SO. like everytime i took break from studying, i head straight to the kitchen. i've been craving famous amos ALL DAY and fatburger for dinner and chewy junior for dessert. it's not even day 1 yet. i'm afraid this will go on for weeks and at the end of all the tests, who knew i could gain 5 kilos? I HOPE IT DOESNT HAPPEN THOUGH i need to control my appetite hahahah
anyway there's tsunami and 8.9 richter earthquake happening in Japan earlier today and it's been on the television the whole night. my mom was in japan a week ago and i really thank God for His blessings because the tsunami doesn't happen while she was in Japan. i really wish and i pray the Japanese are all right though. #prayforjapan

this is what i made a week ago. recipes coming up.

my trademark baked eggs. bottom layer : sauteed spinach with cream. middle layer = eggs with smoked beef. top layer = bacon with some additional cream. bake for 15 minutes or until done, voila. been making this a couple of times, work every time!
my family really loveeee this dish and i'm gonna share the recipe soon!

this is not a really successful dish. oreo bread pudding. i've never made bread pudding before so i thought i might give it a try. BAD BAD BAD IDEA. tastes really really bad, it tastes like someone dipped the bread into a glass of milk until the bread is soggy and eat them right away with flavorless oreo i can't even...um anyway the reason i made this dish is because all of a sudden i remember the oreo pudding nia made for classmeeting a little while ago. i want to make it but i don't have the recipe so i'm trying to find something that may taste just like her pudding.

chocolate fondant cake with strawberry coulis. cool name. this should have tasted nice, shouldn't it? uh, no. i got the recipe from junior masterchef and i thought, well since kids below my age can make it, maybe i could try to make this one, too. WRONG. i was not careful during the mixing part, the recipe said i have to put the wet ingredients into the FOOD PROCESSOR but instead i used mixer. so i dump the batch right away into the food processor.
now the strawberry coulis. the coulis shouldn't have been blended. it makes the coulis look like strawberry juice. it's exactly what i did, so i had to make the coulis again.
this dish doesn't work, too.

better luck next time :)