this is the last 24 hours in 2010 omygosh this year went really fasssstt like srsly this year taught me a lot of things and i have grown a lot too and my friends, too, have grown a loott. i've grown closer or apart with some of my friends but this year has been really great, went through the first half with my loveeeeely class 8-2 kelas terdewa sepanjang masa terus second half with 9-3 hahaha no comment tp asik juga lumayan thanks for everyone for this amazing year, my family, chacha, tiara, angel, natha, abi, daniel, brea, afnie, onel, astrid, dll dll semua terimakasih hahahaha :D semoga tahun depan makin asik lagi dan TVXI tetap kompak dan tarlim cup XI bisa berjalan dengan baik AMIN!