i think arttm might really come to indo because adrie subono the promotor guy keep asking how many fans do arttm have here in indo and he said less than 20 minutes later he got thousand++ replies from the fans (!!!!!!!!!!) this is a really great news pipol, although i'm still hoping for the concert to be in may and not april :( hm one can only hope hahaha. oh and another great news is the ticket might not be as expensive as i had expected yesterday hahaha. and anyway i don't care for the fake fans who like arttm for only for like we used to baby blue eyes and mr right if you're going to watch the concert because it's your money and time you're wasting for some gig you don't like that much. well it's better to save your energy and it's better to give the front row for the REAL fans though hehehhh

people, eric halvorsen just tweeted

"Indonesia, you're awesome! 158 @replies later, maybe we can hang soon..."

i'm bleeding baby blue eyes. (okay thats creepy hahaha)