credit goes to hotmessdiamondsss.blogspot.com errrr i reblog it from her this is too ridiculous not to be reblogged

Stranger: Oh no, not again.
You: WHY?
Stranger: What the fuck is Tumblr?
You: It's this secret cult society where only cool people are allowed.
Stranger: Can you link me to it?
You: Sorry, can't do that or I'll be in eternal damnation.
Stranger: I want to be cool too.
You: Well, you see. There are specific regulations and requirements before you can join Tumblr.
Stranger: Which are?
You: You have to slay a llama and offer your blood to unicorns.
Stranger: How the fuck do I do that
You: You whip your hair back and forth. Duh.
Stranger: FUCK YOU.
You: Cool Story Bro.

by the way, i play basketball (again) tomorrowww eeeee i think my body is already over-exhausted from playing too many games ughhh but i will try to enjoy tomorrow's game because it might be one of my last games in tarlim as it is already november, which means the final exam is in a few weeks and the last chance to play might only be in january or february. sux 2 b 9th grdr eeeh.
so mr. barack obama is coming to indonesia today, only to leave tomorrow after going to Universitas Indonesia which is one of the best uni in indo heh what's the point man. anyway i'm not really pumped about him going to indo hahaha it's only obama i meet him everyday (not)

ha ha ha bye. (i am really weird and labil today please pardon me for this ahahahahaha)