steamed corn with milk and cheezzzzzz?

it's been a while since i last did a post on food. may be a few posts ago so i figured i'll do it now.

i dont know what to name this thing. so the main concept is to boil/steam the corn and put some sweet condensed milk, grated chedar cheese and butter. it's like so easy you can make it with your eyes closed. i used to think making fried banana is easy, and it turns out that making this thing is easier. you can make this under 20 minutes with prep. soooooo

this is what you'll need

a cob of corn. wash it.
abis itu nanti disisir jagungnya jadi gak berantakan laaah nggalah maksudnya disisir jadi pretel semua dari tongkol nya ahahaha

sweet condensed milk or susu kental manis.
gua disini pake yang biasa tapi katanya pake yang coklat juga enaak hm hahaha

chedar cheeseeeeee, yummo!!!!!!!!!!
and what's that on the left corner?

the reliable grater!!!!!!!!!!!

and you'll also need
sugar - butter -

okay here's how to do it

boil the water

prepare the corn

dump it into the pot. wait until it's done.
oh and don't forget to add some sugar to the water, so the corn will have a little sweet taste.

drain the water in the sink, keep the corn (iyalah masa jagungnya dibuang juga)

if you buy the corn at the mall, you will see that they add the whole butter so it melts while you're eating it. why does it melt? because the corn is usually fresh from the pan, so it's still hot.
in this case, i've left the corn so it's cooled down.
to make the same effect with the butter, you have to melt it first in the pan.

put the corn in a glass or container or wherever you want to put it.
drizzle it with the condensed milk
grate the cheese on top of it
pour the butter over it

it's so easyy and from the economical side, this is pretty cheap to make.
one cob of corn costs about 2.000 rupiah ;
one can of condensed milk is varied between 6.000-14.000 ;
the cheese, however, is a little bit expensive. it costs me about 17.ooo. but i bought it in Ranch's Market and it's usually more expensive than the other super market

i've already eaten 2 portions of this by the time i typed this, but maybe i'll eat another one after i finished typing.

until next time,