rainy thursday afternoon

it hasn't been the best week i've ever had hahaha a lot of things happened this week. fortunately, some things just don't change. for example, food hahaha i made a NZ bbq steak for lunch today, which my mom so kindly bought for me. berikut ini dijabarkan cara-cara pembuatan barbekiu stik :

ingredients :

nz steak yang masih mentah. ini udah dibumbuin jadi all you have to do is put the steak on the non-stick pan.

barbeque sauce

you will also need

carrots, corn, green beans, peas, green onions and potatoes. wortel nya dipotong dadu terus potatoes nya dipotong2 jadi agak kecil tapi jangan terlalu kecil.


parsley or celery, chopped.


done prepping?
let's move on pipol

boil the corn ....

...and the potatoes. it takes a while for them to cook so leave them until it's cooked or half-cooked (it's going to be saute-ed anyway so you don't want them to be over cooked). if you can do more than one things at once, you can do this WHILE you cook the steak. if you can't, do it one at a time.

drain and put it aside.

you don't even need butter to cook this. toss 'em in the pan flip 'em until they're done on both sides. it smells really good at this point i just want to eat them straight from the pan hahaha

put it on a plate.

pardon me for not getting photos for the next step which is saute-ing the veggie.

you should put butter and leave it until it melts. throw in the shallots corn green onions green beans peas carrots potatoes and parsley/celery. i only have corn potatoes green onions and celery at the moment so i used what i have. season it with salt&pepper and add some bbq sauce.
done? put it on the plate together with the steak~

VOILAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know the portion is a bit unproportional (is that even a word?). veggie nya kebanyakan. but it tasted pretty good i didnt mind eating veggie.

oh and you forget one essential ingredients for this :

SAOS SAMBEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what is a steak without saos sambel hahahahaha

mubazir kalo makanan ga diabisin. if i can lick and eat the plate, i would. NOT.
dan ditutup dengan 2 pisang goreng dan 1 kulit pisang goreng.
today might not be as bad as i thought.