current obsession : tv shows

i gotta make a confession, i'm a huge tv shows junkie. like when i say huge, i mean like...huge. together with my sister, we watched all kind of TV shows from the very popular tv show like survivor, or not-so-popular even though it has a good storyline like merlin or white collar. anyway, these 6 tv shows below me are my most favorite tv shows (oh and plus NCIS!!!!) , and the reasons why i loved them

not in necessary order

this tv show is about an art thief, Neal (or neil) Caffrey who got caught in action, after so long being a fugitive and agreed to work with the FBI solving cases (he wears a GPS on his ankle to monitor his movement and he has to be within 2-mile radius) , while searching for his girlfriend, Kate.
this tv show has only been running for 1 season going 2. i love this because neal is very smart in solving the cases it's like single person version of Leverage. not to mention matthew bommer's , the actor portraying neal caffrey, hotness. although in the end i found out he's gay... it's very disappointing hahaha

this show is like legend or something. it's been running for 20 seasons, people. 20 seasons. it's more than all your favorite shows combined (no, not really i'm just exaggerating) i've watched most of the seasons except the borneo, australia and thailand i think. although not all of the seasons qualified as really good (some of them have the most boring tribal council i ever watched) it's pretty satisfying. i can watch one season in two days (my sister did it in one day) *sowuutt*
oh and without jeff probst, the host who's been hosting this show since day one, this show probably wouldn't be as cool as this.

meet shawn spencer, one of the most ridiculous tv show character i've known. like white collar, maybe this show probably isn't as famous as the others like glee or something but i love it. and when i found out keva also likes it i was like "ASDFGHJKL LO SUKA PSYCH JUGA?" hahaha
shawn spencer is a guy who works at santa barbara police department as the psychic. although he's not really a psychic he's just really really observant to things hahaha
it's one of the oldest tv show i've watched other than ugly betty and it's been running for 4 and going 5 seasons.

really, this is one of the smartest (and illogical) tv show i've ever seen. omg enough said i really love this show it makes me laugh and think at the same time. it's been going on for 3 seasons now. i hope there would be the 4th :D

gossip girl here, your one and only source to the scandalous life of manhattan elites.
hahahahaha. this is a cool show, all the outfits, the glamour, and very different to all the shows above which connected to..i don't know criminality, cruelty, police department or something. it's been going on for 4 seasons. i haven't watched all the episodes though hahaha masih di season 3 o.O
p.s : i just found out (a little bit late i might say) that serena van der woodsen is a bitch. really. like, literally. she hooked up with everyone! dan, nate, carter baizen, that guy aaron, and many many more. except chuck probably gatau deng. i like blair waldorf more although she manipulates people sometimes (okay, many times) she only hooked up with chuck and nate, no?

really, who are we kidding now? i laugh my ass off everytime i watch this. in fact i just watched it an hour ago and it turned my face which was like :( because of the fact that there's a physics test tomorrow into :D because it made me laugh so hard. it's been going on for 3 seasons and for people who needs some laugh in their life, buy the dvds, stay at home, eat some popcorn, turn on your ac, and in no time you'll be fine hahaha