Finding your musical soulmate.
When he smiles at you. DIE hahaha ga segitunya deng
Spinning around in the rain.
Unexpected midnight texts....from 56812 "Pulsa anda telah dikurangi Rp 5.000,- untuk meneruskan..." blablabla hahahha no i'm kidding
Finding something you thought you'd lost, is like finding a treasure
Winning an argument, especially with my sister. She's very hard to beat in argument and when I win the argument I was like *\m/*
Getting letters in the mail, this rarely happens.
Noticing something you never had.
Slipping on your new pair of shoes, especially if it's Nike..Dunk, which again..rarely happens.
Cheering someone up and succeeded in doing it.
Knowing that everything will be okay.

You, I guess :)

(via colorfulshootingstars.tumblr.com and edited a litttle bit)