me dont mind!

Heyy thought i was gonna crash but i'm afraid i'll forget what to say by tomorrow so i'll say it now hahahahah

No i don't feel any envy towards her hahaha at all why should i? A week ago, probably. 2 weeks ago, definitely. But this month (June, i mean. Not July, tho it's the first day of July.), has taught me a lot of things and has given me a lot of experiences and time to know friends i didn't know back then hahaha. I'm grateful that it happens now, today, not yesterday and not tomorrow. i just feel like it's the perfect timing hahaha. Actually, i thank God for this to happen because i would not have it happen any other way. I am genuinely happy for them though :D .They're going to be a great couple and me, i'm going to crash myself 'cause it's going to be a looong day ahead

Bye guysssssss seeyasoon!!