Hi bloggaah this is monday hehe okay i want to tell you about something hehe it is,as usual,unimportant.

Well it's about a friend i've known since 4th grade. i knew her pretty good. like a month ago, she wrote nasty piece of blog about me in her private blog.yeah i've heard the quote that says ' Life's too short to be pissed off all the time ' but this blog she's writing,it's so nasty that i couldn't help myself to be angry and pissed off.she had no right to write it. she doesn't know me well enough to write something like that. nobody wants their friends to write something nastyyy about them right? i've explained a little bit about her a few posts ago but then i decided to stop before it went too far.i mean,if i do what she did,then what's the difference between me and her?


Which means i will be crap like her. I actually think a few times before writing a post like this in my blog heheh but i finally wrote it

So................you have a choice,whether you want this first quote or the second one

'When life throws you lemon,make a lemonade'


'When life throws you lemon, squeeze them on someone's eyes'


yeah but in the end, you cant expect eveeryyyybodyy to like you, right?

Bye bloggeeeerss

p.s : i just had haircut and it's soooo bad. kalo besok bisa gamauk gua gamau masuk maluu hahahah